Leipzig - Eastern Germany Charme

I've been trying to find the pictures I took in this beautiful city, but to no avail, so here's a short but sweet post about the gem in Eastern Germany withouth the pretty pictures - for now :)

As some of you might know, Leipzig was part of the GDR in Eastern Germany after WW II and was almost completely destroyed during the War. Luckily, many of the historical buildings in the city center have ben re-erected using the original plans, so that you can still find the historical St.Thomas Church (dating back to the 12th century) where Martin Luther preached the implementation of the reformation, or the equally fascinating Nikolai Church (also dating back to the 12th century), where people from the former GDR and State security Police members united in the fall of 1989. The two old churches frame the old city center, where you can also find a beautiful market place and a few other historical landmarks, such as the Johann Sebastian Bach Museum and Memorial.

But Bach is not the only famous historical inhabitant of the city; another famous student who resided in Leipzig for a few years is Johann Wolfgang Goethe, who was sent to the city to study law. The restaurant Auerbachs Keller was one of Goethe's favorite adresses in the city center, and it is said to be the only real location in Goethe's masterpiece Faust.

For those of you who aren't to keen on exploring historical sites, don't worry, Leipzig can offer you a lot more! The city south is where most students hang out in their free time, and there's a great hostel right there in the middle of it all: Hostel Unschlagbar is my personal recommendation for a weekend trip to the city. Even the city center is easily accessible on foot! Plus there's a bagel shop on the ground floor of the same building ;) If you feel like sampling local cuisine and are on a low budget, don't worry; Leipzig is a low-budget paradise! I recommend the restaurant/bar Volkshaus (not far from the hostel) for a nice evening meal. They offer local cuisine as well as new interpretations of old German classics and their prices are very student-friendly :)

For more information on this beautiful city check out the official site for Leipzig tourism. Enjoy!