Things you need to remember

Today was "office day". Future exchange students, be aware, you're gonna need all kinds of forms and official letters and stuff. I'm still not quite sure if I have it all. Today, I picked up a letter from my insurance company and I still don't know if I need an actual letter about all my vaccinations or just the vaccination pass.... uh, and I need to talk to my bank -.- not my favorite place to be...

Speaking of Bank: my recommendation is a bank account with Deutsche Bank, not because they are so unbelievable great (^^) but because they actually have some kind of agreement with the Bank of America (and Scotia Bank in Canada, for that matter), so you can withdraw money from any Bank of America ATM and they don't charge you any service fee. Makes travelling a whole lot easier, let me tell you! Also, they actually offer a credit card for students, and - believe me - you're gonna need a credit card in the US :D I also decided to make copies of all my documents "just in case" - probably not such a bad thing to do ;)

Ah well, the hardest part is still to come... I have absolutely NO IDEA how to pack for summer AND winter in Boston! -.- Any suggestions? Anyone? ...

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