Freedom Trail and Fairy Dust

Now there's a title :) After Kristen's visit and Sandy (yes, Sandy actually delayed Kristen's flight back, but we were all curled up around the fireplace eating noddles with meatballs and listening to music, so we didn't care) Jen visited me last weekend and we went on a freedom trail mission :) Jen's big on history, so we explored all of Boston's historic sights - and boy, there's lots of them! We started in Cambridge with a little Harvard tour and I introduced her to some of my favorite shops on Harvard Square. Then, we went to the U.S.S. Constitution, which Jen toured while I chilled in the sun

Then we went through the North End, along the Trail, past the North Church and the Paul Revere Statue

Then over to Faneuille Hall and all the way up to the Boston Common and the Public Gardens along Beacon Hill.  We had dinner at Cheers (and no, I did not watch the TV show) and eventually ended up walking up Newburry street to experience copley square at night (the lights were pretty). We decided to return to Copley the next day and walk further up Newburry street, where we found this adorable little shop:

I just had to go in :) I'm pretty sure the owner is on drugs... but he does have some very cool (and very disturbing) stuff in his store! I might come back for some souveniers.... :) I particulary liked the Fairy door:

Come on, isn't that cute? :D The weirdest part is that the store is right next to the Firefly store (which I fell in love with weeks ago) and yet I only just found it last week! I don't know how I missed this... Or maybe it was the unicorn petting zoo that just wasn't open last time I was there... :D Anyway, our day ended at the Cheesecake factory :) They are taking all my money lately.... but, seriously, how can you say no to these Tacquitos????

I brought one back for Maureen (yep, can't even eat four tiny tacquitos....) and she decided we have to go to the factory together before I leave :) I second that! All in all, it was an exciting but also exhausting weekend in Boston and I now feel like I've seen everything there is to see... But hey, that's what I'm here for, right?

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