Beautiful Germany - Cologne

Ah, Cologne, such a fun little city :) If you're in the mood for some serious partying, Cologne is the right place for you. Whether you prefer the flashy Clubs along the "Ringe" or rather enjoy the small bars along the Rhine - you can easily dance the night away in Cologne! That's probably also why the city's always full of people celebrating their bachelor's and bachelorette-party any given Saturday (or Friday, for that matter... )

Cologne has a very rich, far-reaching history

But Cologne offers much more than its clubs and bars. The most iconic landmark is probably the old roman church in the city center: the "Kölner Dom". Built in 1248, the cathedral was not only the official church of the Cologne archbishop, but also became one of the most important pilgrimage churches throughout Europe. Nowadays, the two towers are iconic for Cologne's landscape, and the cathedral is a "must-see" on every tourist's itinery. There's also a beautiful christmas market around the Cathedral starting in late November every year! And Cologne main station is literally right next to the Cathedral - so make it your next stop!

I tried to keep my hand steady, I really did! ... 

I personally also enjoy the city center and its main shopping streets "Hohe Straße" and "Schildergasse". If you're more interested in Old Cologne and some of those bars I was talking about, visit "Heumarkt" and maybe check out the "Gaffel-Haus" - one of the many restaurants where you can sample the original Cologne Beer "Kölsch". If you're looking for a cheap but cozy place to stay (or just to hang out and have a beer), make sure you visit the "Wohngemeinschaft", a quirky little hostel and bar that evokes the feeling of sitting in a friend's living room rather than a public drinking hole ;) Another good place to meet locals and check out the bar scene is around "Zülpicher Platz". Last time we were there, we stumbled into what appeared to be a Russian bar - but it was actually really cozy and since they offer traditional Russian drinks, we all had our share of Vodka... I guess the name should have been our first clue: "Restaurant Roter Platz" ... hmm...

Vodka anyone?

If you walk further down along the river, you'll eventually find the Chocolate Museum. Yeah, that's right, Chocolate museum! And yes, they have a chocolate fountain and give out cookies you can dip into it... *heaven* Cologne also has an international fair and exhibition center and a huge arena, the Lanxess Arena, that frequently hosts international sports events or concerts. They also have a musical dome, just on the other side of the river from the Cathedral, and it used to host "We will Rock you", but the current program has "Dirty Dancing" listed for this summer. But be aware: musicals are translated into German in Germany! :)

Enjoy the mix of history and bar-hopping Cologne has to offer!

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