I know, I know, I shouldn't spend so much money.... hmpf... but shopping is so much FUN! :) When you're in Boston, there are actually a couple of cool places to do some (window) shopping. One of them is certainly Harvard Square and the surrounding streets. They have some craft shops there, but they also have a pretty big 'City Sports' (and yes, this is a recommendation!), a 'Body Shop' (cannot live without that one, apparently...) and, of course, the Harvard Book Store!

On a side note: I caught a reading at the Harvard Bookstore on monday - Paul Auster! *yay* yeah... that was pretty awesome... :) 

Then there's Newbury Street (near the Boston Public Garden), which seems expensive at first, but the shops actually change along the road and you can find some pretty cool shops down the street! I personally recommend the 'Victoria's Secret' store: I'm officially a fan! There's also a nice little craft shop called 'Firefly' and some pretty cool places to get a nice and fast mani/pedi (wow, I sound so girly right now...) I can only recommend 'Lauren's Nails' so far. Haven't tried any of the other shops, but they were friendly and the basic mani/pedi is $ 35 - I can live with that.

Not far from Newbury Street is the Prudential Center. Apparently, this is also the place to be when you want a 360° skyline view of Boston, but I haven't tried that one yet... there are some shops in the center as well as a huge bookstore :) AND they have a Cheesecake factory :) *I'm in love* man... white chocolate macadamia nut caramel cheesecake... best dessert ever! :D

Another cool place to shop, especially if you're stuck with bad weather, is the Cambridge Galleria. It's near the green Line and it pretty much has all you need, from Sears and GAP over Old Navy, BestBuy and AmericanEagle to a small Macy's and, of course, Victoria's Secret. What more could a girl want? :)

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