Beautiful Boston

As you might have figured, Boston is not only great because of all the shopping opportunities... It's also a pretty awesome city! I love the combination of history and American city :)The city played an important role during the revolution, for example...

And I love the combination of modern architecture (yes, mostly skyscrapers) and old buildings and churches :)
My two favorite churches are both at Copley Place. At least, I'd say they were churches once... don't know if that's still the case...

And, of course, the parcs :) Or rather: the Public Garden - absolutely lovely!

Water! So much water! :) Beautiful, isn't it?

The University is surrounded by it, too :)

I'm now officially a fan of the atlantic :) It's pretty awesome.... Granted, we also had some extraordinary weather.... Maureen tells me it's still pretty warm for September. Well, it's just absolutely gorgeous!

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