If you're going to San Francisco...

Setting off from Santa Barbara early on Friday morning, I spent another spectacular day on the PCH. I hit the back country a little bit this time and drove through beautiful, rolling green hills and past some impressive ranches on my way.

Not many people on the road at this time :) My first sightseeing stop was Shell Beach just outside of San Luis Obispo and I only ended up stopping there because I had missed the exit to the freeway ;) But I didn't regret it! Look at this coastline!

Absolutely gorgeous, no questions asked! The highway was good to me and I made pretty good time until I hit San Jose, where I got stuck in the rush hour. But I was in touch with my next host in Walnut Creek, so everything was fine! Melinda welcomed me into her home like an old friend and I have the luxury of having an entire room to myself here :) Heavenly bed and all :D *happy* The house is a lot of fun, too! On Saturday morning, Paolo made fresh juice and Matt shared his homemade cereal with me. Fully recharged after a good night's sleep and full of nutritions, I made my way to San Francisco *finally* Not that I had any plan whatsoever of what I was doing... All I knew was I had to take the BART and get off somewhere in the city :) When I got off the train, I realized I was pretty close to Chinatown, so that became my first stop. 

I remember going to Chinatown in Vancouver and I already thought that was impressive but that was nothing compared to San Francisco! It was awesome! Totally fascinating! I was just strolling through the different shops and taking everything in... it was incredible :) Naturally, I also wanted to eat somewhere along the road, but all I could find were actual sit down restaurants, so I kept on walking and just sort of "ran into" little Italy :) So I settled for a Pastrami Sandwich at the Puccini instead :)

To my utter delight, they also had Cornetto Crema *yay* -> happy! As I then just randomly started walking again, it became pretty clear pretty soon that my body wanted to walk off what it had just gained....

....San Francisco Streets can be a bit... hilly :) BUT at least the view from up there was worth it! 

The Skyline on one side of the Colt tower and then on the other side...

Yep, there it is, all covered in fog and bad weather, THE bridge, the one and only ;) I have yet to make it to the Golden Gate Parc, but from the looks of it, I'll stay in Cali a little longer than I had initially planned, so I should have enough time to come back :) 

Well, what can I say, I keep checking things off of the list! San Francisco, you have not disappointed me! I could forever return to you! (Even though, let's face it, this is a pretty crazy place to built a city...)

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