The End

This is it. I'm back home and the German day-to-day life has re-absorbed me. Before I start my final entry, I want to adress the future exchange students once more. Everything concerning the exchange is labeled "transportation", "housing", "To-do" or "organization" if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to email me or find me in the facebook alumni group. If all else fails, I guess I'll see you at the pre-departure meeting ;) Enjoy your time in Boston, the city is amazing!

So, after visiting 6 different countries and 8 different time zones, testing 8 airlines and 14 different airports on my 16 flights, visiting approximately 40 different cities during my travels, meeting up with old friends and making new ones along the way and after spending 80 (EIGHTY!!!) hours in flight modus, I am FINALLY back where I started - safe and sound in Frankfurt, Germany :)

my facebook map on August 21, 2012
The same map on February 9, 2013

Boston really is an amazing city... It is also amazing how I can miss my Bostonian friends so much, even though I communicate with them almost every day (facebook can be pretty handy sometimes...)
But at least now I have my Frankfurt Friends again :) It sure feels good to be back! Two of my dear friends welcomed me at the airport (Thanks again Maren and Tina!) the rest caught up with me at home on sunday or at the university these past couple of days. I don't think I've ever been welcomed back quite like this :) It feels good to know you guys missed me too. You are very special to me and I'm glad I can randomly run into you at our university again :D

My family welcomed me with a fully equipped front door :) I've said it before and I'll say it again, they are pretty cute sometimes...

Home sweet home!

I bought a couple of souveniers and they were strewn all over my three bags when I arrived... It took me about two hours to unpack everything and I still haven't actually managed to deliver every present ;)

Christmas in February ;)

Ok, ok, I admit, some of it will stay in my room ;) I'm so glad that (almost) all of my favorite people actually made it to my small village on Sunday to spend the afternoon with me and my many stories :) It's a good thing I have this blog, otherwise it would have taken days to fill you in on all the funny, beautiful, incredible, weird, fantastic, overwhelming and life-altering things I've experienced over the past months :) Did I mention that I love my life? 

Thanks again for being there - love you

Well, this is it, things are back to normal, Goethe University is my home again, people are still the same, I now miss people I didn't know six months ago and, once again, I want to thank everybody who supported me before, during and also after this amazing, dream-realizing, mind-blowing trip around the world. Those people are, in no particular oder, the Hessen-Massachusetts exchange program and DAAD, the Caliopean Society, my parents :) the rest of my crazy but cute family, my beloved Frankfurt Word Nerds, the best roommate ever - Maureen, Katie and John, Jeff, Jaynellen and her lovely Texan family, my amazing Canadian Family Barbie, Timm, Carolyn and Lavern as well as Brian, Kyria, Ros, Randy and Jolene and all the other important Canadians :) I also wanna thank all my couchsurfing hosts along the way, especially Randy, Melinda, Walter, Carmel and Thomas, for making my trip extra special and keeping in touch with me even after I was gone. All my couchsurfing experiences were great, but some of them were incredible ;) Also, thanks to all the great people I met along the way, Danushka, Brian, Ursula, Neil, Matt, Steven, Bryana, Nick, Markus, Denise, Claire, Joanna, Carlos and all the others. You're part of the reason why I'll never forget this trip and you will always be welcome on my couch, no matter when our paths may cross again! 

Last but not least, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this little blog - I certainly did! 

The End

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