Bostonian Word Nerds

Technically, I wanted to travel some more this weekend. But after about 10 days on the road, I decided to stay home instead and write my papers (yes, I do have school every now and then). The upside was that I could attend the Open Mic night at Savin Bar&Kitchen. It's part of a series of readings organized by students from the UMass MFA program (here's their blog, if any of you are interested:

It was really great! I am so happy to have found a couple of Bostonian word nerds :) Immediately after I walked in, I was welcomed in their group and started talking to some of the other writers. The atmosphere was very relaxed and some of the work that was read was really great (one guy wrote about his banana plant and another one read a short story called "the pigeon interlude" which was absolutely hilarious!). So I decided I'd give it a shot and got up there, too! *yay* it was really cool to be reading to a crowd of complete strangers :) And apparently they liked what I read! So, now I'm keeping in touch with Aaron, who is sort of the mastermind behind the project, and we will brainstorm together and discuss a couple of ideas, because I told him about our projects in Germany and he wants to know more! *connections-yay*
I also met a nice guy called Colin, who wants to show me Boston's north end *looking forward to it* and I met this unbelievably cute guy who's also in the MFA program and just absolutely knocked me off my feet - so now my mission is to find him again ;) wish me luck!

The evening also made me consider the MFA program at UMass and I might actually ask Alexandra (my creative writing instructor) about it. Sounds like it would be perfect for me... so, who knows, maybe I'll do my masters in Boston after all....

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