Upstate New York

So, yeah, I really like travelling :) After a fun weekend on the Floridian Gulf Coast, I spent the following weekend in Upstate New York. I got a rental (a sleek, silver Chevi Malibu) and drove west on I-90. My first stop was Albany, but that was just a stop-over. My actual destination was Syracuse, where I stayed with yet another couchsurfer and enjoyed a switchfoot concert :) I love my life! Since Switchfoot is one of the bands that will probably never come to Germany, I decided to catch one of their shows while I'm over here. Opening up for them was Paper Route, a band whose name I've never heard before, but turns out, they are pretty cool!
The lead singer was a little weird - but good weird. Artsy weird :) And I really loved their sound! So I got the new album and had them sign it - might never get the chance to talk to them so might as well take it, right? Switchfoot were pretty good, too, though I have to say, I might have actually enjoyed Paper Route more... hmm... Anyways, on the next day, my host showed me around Syracuse University a little bit - beautiful campus!

That's one of the buildings :) They call it Hogwarts :D It was a beautiful, though crisp morning and we had waffles in this great weird little place in the basement, where they play funk music and serve the best waffles EVER! funk 'n waffles people - check it out! I kinda cut the trip short a little bit, because I wanted to get back on the road and enjoy the awesome fall colors in the sunshine. Yes, the leaves are already changing!

I drove east on Route 20 - it was absolutely gorgeous! I know why they consider it a Scenic route now :) Since I was driving, I couldn't take too many pictures, but I think you get the idea :)

So, I was sitting in my Malibu, driving through upstate New York in an early version of indian summer listening to Coountry music and looking forward to spending the rest of the weekend with Jeff. Yeah, life is pretty good over here :) The 20 brought me right back to Albany, where I stayed till sunday afternoon until I hit the I-90 again and drove back home :) And yes, Boston already feels like home :) 

Summary: Upstate New York is worth a visit - especially in the fall! 

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