Whale Watching!

Wow! I mean, seriously, WOW! I know that whales are big animals, I happen to like biology, but I didn't quite imagine just how big exactly... Until today :) WOW! And not just because of the whales...

I finally decided to go on one of the many whale watching cruises. It was a beautiful day (very warm for mid-october) and I thought why not. (and yes I had a paper to finish, but that's what nights are for! ... ) Man am I glad that I did this! What a beautiful day....

This is the view from the ship as we left Boston harbor. I really chose the best city :)

As we left for Stellwagen Bank in search for big mamals, the fishers came in from their morning tour. 

There are many cute little islands and beautiful rock formations in Boston Bay. The ride alone would have been worth the trouble. And then we found the whales....

 Not one, not two, no THREE big full-grown humpback whales!
 Everybody was excited of course :) 

 One of the whales - Valerie - flapped her side fins at the boat (it really looked like she was waving to us...) while the other two went for a dive (see back fin in the background)
 Look at that! And that's not even the whole whale!
It was really awesome seeing them appear and disappear right next to the boat. They seemed pretty happy, too :) AND I got to spend 4 hours on the Atlantic ocean! Awesome!
The way back was a little rough...
but SO worth it! Look at the beatitful lighthouse and the sun glistening on the water! 
And the Bostonian Skyline slowly appearing in the mist....
We also passed Logan International on our way back (no this is not an emergency landing...) 

In the end, I was very cold (very windy out there) and my face feels weird because of all the salt in the air and the mist but OMG it was SO worth it! Beautiful, beautiful trip! I always knew I liked the Atlantic :) And now I know that I can handle rough waves.... Did I mention that I love my life? :D

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