Today, I took a stroll through the ever-busy streets of Cambrige around Harvard Square. The sun was out, the weather was finally chilly enough to be called mid-December and the lights were already up everywhere. The great thing about Harvard Square is not necessarily the university looming in the background (though it might help) - it's the rustle and bustle of a college town, the cute, little shops sprinkled around everywhere and the many many brickstone buildings that make it feel like home (my northern Germany home that is). 

They have the notorious Starbucks Cafés of course. Many of them, actually, on every other corner... But there's also a "Licks"  next door, that's home made ice cream! Not as good as B&J but not many things are... ;) Then there's my favorite store :)

Though, I have to say, I spent more money at the Body Shop at the T station... :) But, oh well... today, I ventured over to Panera - I know it's a chain but they have an open fireplace! - to enjoy a cup of soup and an early sandwich before I explored the streets around Harvard Square... mighty pretty here, I must say...

I found a rather odd looking Christmas tree... 

:D but then again, it is a college town after all :D

I decided to head home rather early... but not without checking out those two lovely looking shops!

With a cup of tea and a cupcake in hand I took one last round around the neighborhood - guess what the back of that Starbucks looks like? 

I just had to take a picture of that :D hihi... :)

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