Bye Bye Beantown

Wow... four months have passed... feels more like five minutes :) or like a lifetime, depending on the perspective, I guess... I took off from a crazy-busy Logan Airport very early thursday morning and headed West. I know I will return one day and thanks to all this beautiful technology, I will easily keep in touch will all my newfound favorite people :D So much has happened in the past four months that it's still a little hard to wrap my head around everything. So I was happy to wrap up my time on the eastcoast by saying goodbye to everyone and everything in Boston I've come to love :).

Goodbye-week started last thursday (on the 13th) with the Write on the dot end of year event at Savin Bar&Kitchen. Coming full circle from when I first encountered the students from the master program at UMass and have read my own poetry at the open mic night, the evening was the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to my Bostonian Word nerds - and to Saving Hill in a way - and I was glad that Katie and John came out too to enjoy the show with me :) We enjoyed the metaphoria game as well as the Rum Diary cocktail :D and I introduced my fellow writer Katie to some of the MFA students. Kurt said goodbye in German and Aaron gave me another one of their journals for my word nerds in Frankfurt :) Maybe we can create some kind of writing-exchange or something :D that would be so much fun...

Friday morning, I met with Modupe at our usual location: McKenna's
Again, this felt like saying goodbye to Savin Hill in a way - enjoying Savin Hill's best locations once more before I had to leave :D NOTHING beats breakfast at McKenna's! It's sooo good! And it was nice to see Modupe again, the first friend I made at UMass, before she flew back to London for the holidays. I'm glad she found time in her very very busy PhD schedule to say goodbye :)

Saturday, I walked over to school one last time, enjoying the Harbor Walk and finally taking some pictures of the school and the waterfront before I headed into the city to say goodbye to the North End. I'll really miss my morning walk to school :) I mean, seriously, who can say they enjoy a stunning ocean view on their way to school? That might be the one thing missing from my University in Frankfurt :D
And my beloved North End *hmpf* How I will miss Haymarket, Italian Bostonians and Mike's pastries :D I finally tried that sandwich shop I wanted to find ever since I watched "What's your number" and I found it *yay* still don't think they actually shot the movie there, but oh well, close enough, isn't it?

They really do have great sandwiches at Bova's bakery by the way :D

Not even checking to verify the deadline for my Final take home, I decided to have a do-nothing-day on sunday and just stay in. The weather was yucky anyways, so it seemed like the perfect plan... yeah, the deadline was monday at noon.... probably not such a good idea after all... so monday morning, I frantically tried to finish the exam and made it just in time *phew* but I have to say, that was probably not my best work... The rest of monday was Maureen day :D We went to the Cheesecake factory for lunch (which was absolutely delicious as usual) and just hung out, both still in denial about my departure... and I still hadn't sent my bag, but somehow, I couldn't find the inspiration to think about packing too much...

Tuesday was Katie day, which was perfect since I had a LOT to discuss with my favorite UMass person ;) We hung out all afternoon and I'm sorry if I talked your ear off Katie, there was just so much to tell :D I also got to share some music with her *yay* and eventually, John decided to join us too and we went to the Venice for dinner. Oh yeah, the Venice :) another one of those Savin Hill places you HAVE TO visit! :D *yuuuum* Best Chicken Alfredo EVER! Katie and John loved it too and I managed to take a quick picture to remember them by ;) I know you guys probably hate me for uploading this, but this is exactly how I will remember you :D I love you guys! :D

Maureen had the fire going when we came back, which made me a little sentimental, I have to admit... Goodbyes are not my strong suite... So we sat by the fire for a little while longer until I absolutely couldn't stay awake any more...

Wednesday I had a more or less surprising visitor :) And so instead of making wednesday my cry-and-goodbye-day, it became Jeff Day! He had never been to Boston, so I absolutely *had to* show him around, which in turn gave me the chance to properly say goodbye to Beantown too. So I took him to all my favorite places in the city (minus cambridge - not enough time for that) We started at the North End *surprise* and made our way over Quincy Market, Faneuille Hall up State Street and over to the Common, from where we went into the Public Garden and eventually walked up Newbury Street. I finally tried Georgetown cupcakes and immediately wished I had tried them before *yum* So if you're ever in Boston, make sure to stop there ;) On our way back, I took a final picture of the best skyline view in Boston and we shared the leftover Alfredo before he had to head back and I was left alone, packing up the rest of my stuff and saying goodbye to the place I've grown to love so much.

I don't know what I did to deserve yet another place to call home, but I will be forever grateful for this experience. Seems like yesterday that Maureen picked me up from South Station with her convertible and showed me around her beautiful city. And now, I'm sitting in my Winter Wonderland in Canada, miles away from the Atlantic coast - crazy :)

No home would be complete without the people that make it so homey. So thank you Katie, John, Modupe,  Jeff and, most of all, Maureen (and Hankie, T.C. and Patches!) for making this one of the happiest times of my life. I love you and can't wait to see you again! That's a promise :)

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