Why I love Midnight in Paris

Ok, this might seem like a weird post and it might very well be, but it's actually very current :) I just woke up and went downstairs where the TV was running (as usual) and since it's sunday, a movie was on. Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris to be exact. 

Now, I don't know how many of you know this film but I think it's absolutely lovely. Why? Because it's ultimately about art and an inexplainable love for the written word, the painters of the past and Paris in all its glory.

Many of you know that I am not particulary fond of the French, and yet, this film makes even me want to jump on the next train to the French capital (yes I live close enough to board a train to Paris - well, not right now, but when I'm back home...) And that alone already says a lot. 

But it's Owen Wilson's performance of a struggling and maybe slightly over-illusional writer that really grabs my attention every time I watch this all-time-favorite. He struggles, he dreams and his dreams come true - as unlikely as they may seem. It is hard to talk about the film without giving away too much, you just gonna have to watch it yourself. All I can say is as a writer and an art-lover, this film speaks to me. It lets me dream and it touches something in my own imagination that makes me want to write or paint or sometimes both. It's a revelation wrapped in a fairy tale and I never tire of watching Wilson walking through the nightly streets of Paris. It makes me want to go to France :) 

So, if you have the time, go check it out! It's worth it :) And it's the perfect start for a lazy sunday filled with writing! 

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