In Flight Entertainment :)

I'm starting to become somewhat of a flying expert :D 12 flights on this trip so far, visited 10 different airports and have now used five different airlines - I can tell you a thing or two about in flight entertainment by now :D My favorite is still Air Canada though - they are simply the best. Didn't get to fly with them this time but I have a feeling I will return to Canada, so there's always the future :D Delta was actually pretty nice too, but service-wise, I definitely preferred American Airlines. They are all so unbelieveably nice :D And they have nice planes with more leg room than Delta (or so it seemed). Anyways, the reason for this post is not so much an analysis of different airlines as it is my flight from Boston to L.A. That was by far the most amazing flight I've ever had! Why? Well, look at this!

And yes, that's a shot from the plane (I love my camera). We flew over the Rockies and over parts of New Mexico and Arizona :) It was absolutely breathtaking! I mean, look at this!!!

And the best is yet to come! Sure enough, at some point, I look down and I'm thinking "wait, isn't that..." and that's when the captain informs us that we are indeed flying over the Grand Canyon :D There wasn't a cloud on the sky, so I got to experience the Grand Canyon from 30.000 feet - PHENOMENAL!!!!

I know, technically this still means that I wasn't there, but, seriously, could I have any better view than this? I highly doubt it! :D I was virtually glued to my window for the entire flight and we we neared L.A., I actually got the panorama shot with downtown L.A. on one side and the Hollywood hills on the other - no time to get out the camera though... but at least I took a picture of the city and the Sierra in the back from my next fllight on my way to Edmonton. I'll be back there soon, so it's not like I won't have another chance for that panorama shot ;)

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