Christmas Decorations

hach.... es is Weihnachtszeit... keine Plätzchen... kein Glühwein... kein Weihnachtsmarkt... aber!

Hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps :) (am I the only person thinking of Big Bang Theory when they hear peppermint schnapps???) oh yeah! Maureen finished the Christmas decorations on wednesday. 12.12.12 what a wonderful date :) We were both very... casually dressed, but we decided to take pictures anyways :D with the help of my camera's self-shooting mode... go figure :D

So, armed with hot chocolate (with extras...), brownies from Savin Scoop (heavenlyyyy) and with the "help" of Patches and Hankie, we celebrated decorating the tree! It's a patriots fan too of course.... and Red Sox - even though they sucked this year... The tree doesn't judge (apparently)

On sunday, we were listening to christmas music, too, but this time, we had the 12.12.12 concert on, live from Madison Square Garden - it was awesome! The boss rocked with Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton and The Rolling Stones were as awesome as ever - it was the perfect musical addition :) Patches had fun playing with the decoration while Hank didn't look quite as happy about being decorated :D but Maureen and I certainly had fun bellowing out "Dead or alive" while alternating between the living room and the music room :) Man I'm gonna miss this house...

And then the tree was finally at a point where it looked like Santa had thrown up in the room - which was what Maureen had been aiming for all along - so we took a final picture (pretty, huh?) I pressed Rudolph's paw one last time to rock with the red-nosed reindeer (and to make Hankie jealous) and we finally shut off all the lights to enjoy the christmas lighting :D I love christmas...

In diesem Sinne frohe Weihnachten, merry christmas, happy holidays, felize navidad, buon natale und vor allem cheers! :) 

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