California Dreamin'

wow... I mean, seriously, wow.... Didn't think I would love it THIS much :) Definitely enjoying the Dream right now :D

the Pacific Coast Highway is absolutely AMAZING! I mean, look at that!

My rental is pretty cool too :) Turns out, it pays off to have reached Hertz Gold status. Apparently, they bumped me up to a nice, brand new, sleek, dark grey Chevi Sonic *loving it* the perfect car to cruise in :) and pretty moderate on the gas pump... always a good thing ;)

And there are so many beautiful beaches along the way, it's kinda hard not to stop, actually :) I stopped at La Piedra State Beach to take some pictures of the coastline. I definitely know why everybody's surfing in Cali - the waves are amazing! (ok, maybe not on this pic...)

By the way, I found my dream house ;)

My first stop in California was Santa Barbara - a beautiful little oasis right on the coast.

Well, actually is right on the ocean but also right on a hill - the coast here is really unique :) I stayed with a nice couchsurfer from Argentina and his housemate from Russia and temporary housemate from Hong Kong :) Talk about international.... they were so nice that I've decided to stop over there again on my way back! And they fed me some homemade soup, Argentinian dessert (me loving the dessert!) and a vitamin shake :D 

On Friday, I found this really cute coffee shop called the coffee cat where I chatted with one of the customers (who ended up giving me tipps for my drive...) Everybody's so nice here! Then, I explored State Street a little more, with all its cute shops and lots of palmtrees! It's so beautiful here!

Then I was back in my car and back on Highway 1, off to the Bay Area, where I'm staying with another pair of cool couchsurfers. More on that tomorrow! 

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