Best Roadtrip ever!

Wow.... I'm still speechless... I mean... WOW! :) Driving down Highway 1 between Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo - don't think I've ever experienced anything quite as incredible, breathtaking, beautiful, amazing, unbelieveable, fantastic, gorgeous or more exhausting and scary than that road :) It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a dream come true, that's for sure! I really don't know what to tell you, except that if you ever get the chance to drive on this beautiful piece of land, don't hesitate! Unless you get car sick easily... in that case, you might want to pass... Just one thing: even I drove slower than the speeding limit on some of those curves! And since there really are no words to describe what I've seen today, here are the pictures!

It started at the Carmel River State Beach

and I was going south!

The highway winds around the mountains

There are little stops all along the way

...I could have stopped every few feet! 
and yes I drove over that bridge back there....

And then I found the Elephant Seals....

...as in plural....

Most amazing Highway EVER!

Plus the weather was awesome :) It was very exhausting to maneuver through these winding roads but boy was it worth it! The perfect ending of a memorable stay in California! Back in Santa Barbara for the night, enjoying Walt's various desserts, and off to Oahu tomorrow! Aloha! 

(...did I mention that I love my life???)

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