The Coromandel Peninsula

Since everybody told me, the Coromandel is an absolute must-see region, I got myself a hostel at Whitianga and drove down there on Friday for a quick, two night stay. Already on my way over there, I was absolutely amazed by the nature this little piece of landf has to offer. It is absolutely incredible!

a snapshot from the drive
The hostel was very sweet and very friendly. They put me in the staff-room (how do I always end up there?) and they had a washer, so I could finally wash some clothes ;) Then, I was off to the beach and found myself buying fish & chips in a little shop just across the road from the bay. Yeah, I know, me and fish! But, somehow, I don't know, maybe I'm spending too much time in the old English colonies or something, but I had a real craving for fish&chips! AND I have to say, that was probably the best fish&chips I ever had! *yum* The location right on the bay wasn't too bad either... ;)

The next day, I had booked a little trail ride. I know I'm running out of money and I shouldn't spend it on horseriding, but I just couldn't help myself... Carolyn picked me up (I'm not kidding....) and we went up to the ranch early in the morning. Now I can finally cross "riding in a Stock Saddle" off my list :) The ride went all over their 9,000 acres property - it was absolutely beautiful :) And VERY relaxing!

Our little riding group of four

Jungle anyone?
My horse "Angel" carried me up the hills until Carolyn suddenly suggested "go on, you can canter up here and we'll meet you at the next gate!" That's something you don't have to tell me twice :) So, off we went to enjoy the view on top :D

On top of the world ;)

Angel spotting the rest of the company
Carolyn also took us to a beautiful little waterfall with drinking water! Something we could all use after an hour riding through the hills and bushes...

a bit tricky to get there but worth it!

And what did I do after two hours of horseriding? I went over to Mercury Bay for three hours of hiking! In retrospect, probably not my best idea, but it was worth it ;)

Shakespeare Cliff

Cathedral Cove

Making my way to Hahei Beach

what a beautiful day!

After two eventful days on the Peninsula I would have to agree. It's a must-see in NZ :)

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