Muttart Conservatory

I'm already in Cali by now, but I need to add a couple of things to Canada before I can move on to the next destination :) Part of my christmas present was spending an afternoon at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton with Carolyn and Lavern. Brian and Gary came along, too, and we used the climate pyramids to warm up in :) I didn't really get to do any touristy things the last time I was in Edmonton, so it was very cool to go out and do stuff this time around! The Conservatory is one of Edmonton's top sights, but it was actually pretty empty when we were there. However, that might actually have been a good thing, so no complaints here :) It's basically a big conservatory with different climate zones and the various plants growning in those respective zones. So I'll just upload a couple of pictures so you get the idea:

Didn't know Banana trees had such beautiful flowers... 

I love Orchids....

Yeah, some of them had really funny names....

....see what I mean?
....yep, well, this one actually made me thing of someone... *hihi*

my favorite orchids: black and purple!

And this was the "grand price", a century plant that is currently in bloom! Best part was we almost kinda missed it... :D

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