Albany, NY

So, yeah, Albany, New York. Not too much to see but a nice stop-over between Montréal and Boston :D AND there are some pretty cool people around there... went to two cool parties on friday, one Ukranian Independence Day celebration, the other one a latino salsa party *yay* I love dancing... ;)

Naja, die Entscheidung dort hin zu fahren war eigentlich eine Geldfrage (...ich hör die ganze Zeit meine Mutter singen wenn ich an Albany denke... :) ). Der Zug von Montréal nach Albany war einfach günstiger als all the way über Toronto zu fahren. AND Upstate New York is really beautiful :)

So, luckily my couchsurfing host Jeff has a motorcycle and he took me for a ride and we found this pretty cool parc just outside of Albany. From up here, you can see the pathetic skyline ;) AND the breathtaking landscape surrounding it :) So, we stopped in the parc and took one of the trails...

Leider hab ich meine Kamera vergessen... die Bilder sind alle ausm Internet, aber der Trail is der selbe ;)

I just loved the rock formations and all the hidden little caves and cracks in the wall... absolutely fascinating :) Also, kind of exhausting, but definitely worth it! AND I finally got to go on a motorcycle ride! That was pretty cool too :D The only more or less pretty part of Albany is Lark Street with lots of little shops and restaurants and stuff. We picked up another couchsurfer in town after the parc hike and that's when we took a stroll down Lark Street. (Again, the picture's not mine... -.-)

It was definitely a good decision to stop in Albany. And the bus ride to Boston was an express, so it was quick and painless (and again right through a beautiful patch of land!) And now I'm finally in BOSTON!

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