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I'm packing... I think I will be packing and repacking till sunday... it's hard to find the perfect mix of clothes for 6 months and 6 different countries... But, luckily I've found a couple of ways to send a suitcase back, so once I'm leaving for California, I'll probably send a bunch of stuff back home... Should make it easier...

For my overnight stay in London, I've reserved a room ath the International Students House. 26 pounds for one night in central London sounds fantastic, I just hope it's not a pighole... if you wanna check it out, visit http://www.ish.org.uk/accommodation/short-stay-accommodation

Also, I need to do a little advertising for my around the world ticket :) I've booked via ReissAus! http://www.aroundtheworldticket.de/ticketangebote/ they have great routes but also offer custom routes and can give you an individual pricing offer. I've checked a couple of around the world ticket offers and theirs was the cheapest. They also offer single flights with students discounts, so make sure you check out their prices before you book somewhere else :)

Ok, so much for that... gotta get back to the suitcases... three more days to go *yay*

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