Welcome to Boston :)

The fun thing about travelling is always the travelling part. When you're constantly moving and seeing different things, meeting new people... Or, as the postcard says that I've found today:

Exactly! That's why it's so hard to stand still ;) But it feels good to have arrived for now, though I'm already planning trips again... For my trip from Albany to Boston, I chose the Greyhound express and shocked my family with free wi-fi on the bus :) (yeah, welcome to America folks). I also took some pictures, but I apologize - it's my phones camera... 

So this is the Hudson River there in the back and down here we have the first shots right after the Massachussetts State border. I like it here... :) I also tried to take a picture of this one truck's bumper sticker, but my phone wasn't fast enough... "Life is good" it said. I'd have to agree... ;)

So, after six days of travelling in the UK, Canada and upstate New York, I've finally made it to Beantown :) My new "roommate" picked me up at South Station. I already liked Maureen from our emails and the one phone call on saturday and when I walked out of the Station and saw her waiting for me, waiving her arms trough the air, I knew we were gonna have fun :D She's a tour guide in Boston and even though it was her day off, she couldn't help but give me a quick little tour through the harbor and North End. Then we drove home to "my" new house. It's nice and cozy and the neighborhood is really nice too. Best part though: UMass is a 15 minutes walk from the house and I can walk along the waterfront *yay* The Atlantic is about 3 minutes from the house *YAY* and so is the next T-station! Needless to say, I'm pretty happy here... Couldn't help myself and already indulged in some of my favorite American groceries (Arizona Ice Tea by the gallon...omg!) but I've been trying to keep it pretty healthy :) first thing I bought in Boston was a new pair of running shoes, because with this neighborhood, I'm gonna do some serious morning running on my days off! The streets and the walk on the beach are calling me :) Tomorrow's the welcome day at UMass, I'll probably write more once that's through... 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. - what on earth are they gonna do with us? Well, we'll see tomorrow... Can't wait!

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