UMass Welcome Event

Today was the UMass Boston International Students welcome event. I knew that it was supposed to be today, but I didn't know where or when or any other organizational info. So I checked the website and, sure enough, the time and place was on the OITA website (http://www.umb.edu/academics/oita) Just to make sure, I also sent an email to our German coordinator, who then appparently contacted Lurlene, since I got an email from her later today. But let's start at the beginning. I live so close to campus that I can walk over there. Takes me about 15 to 20 minutes and today, the weather was absolutely fantastic, so the walk along the harbor was just the perfect start for the day. 

UMass Boston really is RIGHT ON THE WATERFRONT :) The Buildings you see on the left there? Yep, that's part of the university! So I strolled along the ocean in the morning breeze, almost forgetting that it was only quarter to eight, just enjoying the view.... lots of sailboats out there....

Which reminds me, UMass offers free sailing lessons! I have to sign up for that... They also offer a free harbor boat tour every monday - but more on that on tuesday ;) I finally made it to the University Student Center (which is right on the tip of the "island", basically surrounded by water, with an incredible look on the Atlantic!) just to then learn, that exchange students don't have to be in until 11:30..... well .... I went back....

I mean, it's not like I'm gonna wait around for another 3 and a half hours when I can sit at home on the couch drinking tea.... besides, it was such a lovely morning and I really felt like walking, so I just went straight back. Back home, I saw the email telling me that the orientation started at 11.... ok, so I was JUST OUT THERE and they told me 11:30! Apparently, organization is not necessarily one of UMass' strong suites.... I made it back around 11:15 only to spend the next hour or so having lunch... well, it was nice to meet fellow international students but it still felt like I didn't really need to be there....

And future exchange students, here's a tipp: you're in Boston to MEET NEW PEOPLE not to hang out with other Germans! So, don't sit on a table with all the other exchange students from your program! Mix and mingle! That's so much more fun! I myself had lunch with a girl from London, one from the Ukrania, two girls from India and another one from Japan! That was way cooler :) The girl from London actually lives pretty close by, so I'm hoping we might do something together... That's what it's all about, after all!

The actual introduction wasn't that helpful, to be honest. You can pretty much find all the information online as well, so unless you mingle and meet some fellow international students, there's really nothing much for you at the welcome event... The important part is that you actually have to bring your passport, because they need copies of your visa and so on. I didn't bring mine of course, because nobody told me... So I'm gonna go back there tomorrow.... Well, at least I know the way by now ;)

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