About couch surfing....

IF you want to study in the US you'll probably also wanna travel some. There's a great, inexpensive and fun way to explore the country you're visiting: couch surfing! The concept is pretty simple: Locals open up their homes for you and let you sleep on their couch or in their spare bedroom. Those people are usually pretty easy going, like to travel and are excited about meeting people from different countries. The exchange is that when you come back, you also offer your couch to whoever is surfing in your region. This way, everybody benefits in a world wide community! Of course, you have to be up for it. Sharing an appartment with a complete stranger isn't everybody's idea of fun... BUT if you choose your hosts carefully and put a little thought in your profile, you might just have the time of your life! PLUS you'll be spending time with a local who will most likely have some indsider tipps on the region you are visiting!

Personal experience: The reason I bring it up is because I am currently surfing in Montreal and its been great so far! My host is a real darling, I have my own room and bathroom (that's luxus) and he gave me some tipps on what to visit while I'm here. He also cooked poutin for us yesterday, which is a local specialty. Unfortunately he has to work a lot so that he cannot accompany me on my trips, but then again, its the middle of the week - what else would he be doing? :)

So, yeah, check it out! www.couchsurfing.org and have fun exploring!

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